Friday, December 20, 2013

Android: How to build AOSP (Android Full Source)

·         make -j24 -k 2>&1 | tee android.log
o   -j
: Allow N jobs at once
: Use to raise compile speed
: For example, if the number of CPU is 4, as create process 4 by command -j4, build speed can raise.
o   -k
: --keep-going
: Keep going when some targets can’t made (Keep going run build although error occurred)
: If you want to check error when error occurred immediately, you don’t need to use this command.
o   2>&1
: n >&m
: n or m è 0,1,2 è 0: standard input (stdin) / 1: standard output (stdout) / 2: standard err (stderr)
: deliver the 2(stderr) to 1(stdout)
o   |
: run command additionally
o   tee
: Copy to file the object of stdin/stdout ( object of stdin/stdout : build logs in consol window )
: Can be check the build log in consol window directly and also can be save logs as file 

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