Sunday, December 22, 2013

WCDMA/UMTS: Specification

u Specifications are segmented by layers and  available on the ftp site:

u  For a complete list of Release 99 specifications see 21.101.

u  For a list of acronyms, see 21.905.

u  25 Series – Segment for technique description

21.905       Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications
24.007       Mobile radio interface signaling layer 3; General Aspects
24.008       Mobile radio Layer 3 specification; Core network protocols; Stage 3
25.211       Physical channels and mapping of transport channels onto physical channels (FDD)
25.301       Radio Interface Protocol Architecture
25.321       Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol
25.322       Radio Link Control (RLC) protocol
25.331       Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocol
25.101       UE Radio transmission and reception (FDD)
25.104       UTRA (BS) FDD; Radio transmission and reception
25.213       Spreading and modulation (FDD)
25.302       Services provided by the physical layer
25.331       Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocol

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