Sunday, December 22, 2013

MediaTek to announce an octa-core LTE chipset in January

MediaTek (MTK) recently announced its first true-octa core processor, as part of the MT6592 chipset.
 The successor of this SoC is allegedly in the works and the upcoming chip that is reportedly known as MT6595 is rumored to go official in the January, next year.

The company's upcoming chipset is basically an LTE enabled version of the MT6592 and is very likely to keep the true octa-core CPU. If the rumors turn out correct, MediaTek will be looking to expand its market share even further in 2014.

Until now, MediaTek has been producing chipsets, which are ideal for mid-range and budget friendly smartphones. However, things might soon change for the Taiwanese semi-conductor company and we really hope the company rises its game and poses a more serious threat to Qualcomm (QCT) and lightens up the development race.

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